Heraeus Precious Metals and Decoration Colours

EuroSial is proud to represent W.C. Heraeus GmbH Ceramic Colour Division in the Netherlands and Belgium. The product range includes a wide variety of high quality products for the decoration of a.o. glass, porcelain, bone china, vitreous china and tiles.

Precious metal preparations:
  1. Bright gold, bright platinum, bright palladium
  2. Silk matt gold, silk matt platinum
  3. Burnish gold, burnish platinum
  4. High temperature gold
  5. Dusting gold, dusting platinum
Ceramic decoration colours:
  1. onglaze colours
  2. inglaze colours
  3. underglaze colours
Glass colours:
  1. Resistant glass colours
  2. Transparent glass colours
  3. Opaque glass colours
  4. Lead free metallic and interference metallic colours
  1. For glass
  2. For ceramics
Auxiliary materials:
  1. Silk-screening covercoats for decals
  2. Special covercoats
  3. Silk-screening oils
  4. Special media
  5. Thinners and auxiliary materials

For detailed product and technical information, you can visit the Heraeus Ceramic Colours Division website. Please click here:

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