EuroSial represents the Austrian company PMT-Jetmill in the Benelux and Scandinavia. PMT-Jetmill are specialists in the field of fine and ultra fine grinding of industrial minerals especially talc, kaolin, barite, graphite and mica to a fineness of d97 = 5 µm and d50 < 1 µm a.

New scales in minimized energy consumption and product fineness are set with their own developed PMT Spiral Jetmill SJ50-Series. With its integrated classifier and the new developed so called Motor-Rotor-Unit, it is now possible to reach high circumferential speeds up to 190 m/s. The specially developed feed control system leads to a saving of at least 30% of the specific energy consumption compared to common jetmill systems. The new classifier units of the PMT JS series operate under overpressure conditions for an optimization of the dispersion of the feed material. To separate the particles apart from each other is the basis for optimized classifying results.

PMT's pilot plant in Kammern, Austria is well equipped for customer oriented grinding, classifying and separating tests as well as job grinding to help the customer into new product markets or to provide product samples. We would like to invite you to prove our competence with tests in our pilot plant and in discussions with our specialists.

For detailed technical information, please visit the PMT-Jetmill website.

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