Decoration Equipment, Materials & Services

EuroSial represents GG Cade on the European Continent. GG Cade is a world wide supplier of decoration equipment, materials and services to the glass and ceramic industries. The major products in our delivery programme are:

The Kwik Change Screen System

  1. The most efficient, versatile and cost effective screen system available.
  2. Simplifies and reduces screen preparation time.
  3. Simplifies screen changing by using screens which require no positional adjustment after fitting.
  4. Screen change time is greatly reduced and can be achieved in as little as one minute without specialised skills
  5. Cuts your screen fabric consumption as there is no wastage.
  6. Preparation time is greatly reduced as there is no time lost waiting for adhesives to dry.
  7. Light weight, long life time aluminium frames reduce load on machine bearings and improve colour to colour registration.
  8. Supplied complete with assembly and screen exposure jigs.
  9. Replacement screens are made on high precision machines which ensure perfect control over dimensions, rail location, fabric warp and weft, linearity and pre-tensioning.
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For detailed product and technical information on the Kwik Change Screen System and other GG Cade products and services, you can visit the GG Cade website.

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Screen Printing & Decal Application Machines

For the glass and ceramic industry we are capable of supplying semi or fully automatic screen printing machines, direct decal application machines, as well as indirect silicone pad machines for a wide variety of bottles, cosmetic containers and table ware. We can supply standard or custom designed machines. Also available are decoration heads for CNC controlled screen printing machines. Please, contact us for detailed information.

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